Your words reminded me of a poem by a favorite portuguese poet. I'll try to translate it:

I need others to recognize me,

to say Hello

and good morning.

More than mirrors,

I need other people

so I can know

that I am me.

(Adília Lopes)

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Hi Heather, I'm a new subscriber, and I'm so happy to have found you recently. You've quickly become one of my favorites here on Substack. Like Cathy, what you wrote resonates with me, also. I'm originally from New England, and know that country wave you're talking about. People do tend to keep to themselves these days, even online. Me included, so I'm happy to know the country wave is still alive and exists up north. I like your idea of just a few words, and I need to practice that, starting now. :) Hello, it's wonderful to "meet" you here on Substack. I'd like you to know I'm enjoying your posts very much.

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So much of this resonates with me, thank you Heather. As someone who walks in my neighbourhood, I relish each shared greeting, nod to a neighbour, a few words about the weather (English obsession). When I broke my foot last September, I could no longer go for my walks and I missed these small social interactions so much. I knew then how important they were, how the algorithms of social media are no match for more personal interactions, however fleeting.

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As always, your observations and

impressions evoke so many feelings and memories. Many people laughed at Sally Field’s acceptance speech when she said “You like me; you really like me”. I thought it was the most heartfelt acknowledgment that she appreciated the love and support received by many. I still cherish the written comments in the guest book from a photo show I had so I think it important to genuinely let others, artists or not, feel seen and heard and appreciated.

I voiced my desire to a few friends about my need/want for a more personal sense of communication over texting .. they seemed to be a little baffled and offended by this idea.

And finally.. oh those beautiful long-lasting memories of, and connection with, several penpals since the early 60s. Is it weird that I still have and cherish those letters and pictures? I often think of using elements like stamps and cards in my collage. Some from Japan and Brazil but the first was a girl from what seemed a far-away place - St Mary’s Ontario. It was part of a summer road trip as a kid to travel there to meet her .. but I felt that a sense of magic was lost after that meeting. I often wonder where they are now.

You just can’t beat a handwritten note, an eye-twinkle and a wave!

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This post is so relevant! The good thing about the internet is the connection with those far away, the bad thing is everyone seems content with hat small connection. I miss summers of my childhood when efforts were made to visit family and friends, all those long car rides! .

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Jody you make some really good points. I certainly have benefited from the connection social media offers me to friends and family worldwide and to those who have supported my art . I agree that once you start offering comments rather than ticks or hearts the conversations have the potential to begin and grow. Accepting their limitations is key isn't it?

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Everything that everyone has written here resonates with me. I love 'the country wave' in my Toronto neighbourhood and in my New England cottage neighbourhood. Over the years, walking my dogs or walking errands have allowed me the opportunity for longer conversations. I share the expressed frustration of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram ...however lately I've realized that if I can accept their limitations, then I am able to enjoy the type of connection they do offer - connections with family and friends I rarely meet in real time. Recently I have started to reach out with comments when watching posted videos and I am thrilled to get responses to my comments. It feels as though the frustrating medium can allow me a somewhat satisfying connection to my people after all. :)

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