Susannah! This is such a beautiful response -I love the "building blocks to discovery " stance you are taking in your process. I also notice with a "Naturalist Notebook" you present gentle challenges to others /artists to pause and experience nature differently. I was thinking of the auditory notes while walking on my rural road this afternoon..Because I read your post earlier- I paid attention to all the natural sounds around me,and although I wasn't sitting in one spot it allowed me to stay with my surroundings rather than drift into my worry meter mode! (I need to find out which bird song connects to which bird now too!)

I guess all the ways we open our senses and art making to new experiences has to contribute to who we are as makers . For me it's shedding the layers of expectations I put on myself to create for purpose -i.e. others..profit.. Also as you mention to keep at it to return or discover what style fits.

(Thanks for the reminder too that these posts don't seem to support photos ..drats )

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I totally get this. I'm training myself that anything I make - especially non-commissioned, personal work - is all part of the building blocks to discovery. I'm working on a graphite pencil portrait right now, and I love the process if not the actual project because it's meant to get me back into my groove after I spent the better part of last year working on projects not in my style (whatever that means) and not the subject matter I like to depict. But I feel rusty so I went back to the drawing board (pun absolutely intended!). I can't post a picture in threads, but no loss - it really isn't meant to be seen by anyone but me. :-D

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